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Thanks for helping Sadie!

Sadie is an 18 month old, deadgrass purebred Chesapeake Bay Retriever, full of energy, mischief, and love. Sadie was surrendered to CBRR&R in the Mid-Atlantic region. She was transported to California so she could be evaluated by our awesome orthopedic specialist Dr. George at Mohnacky Animal Hospital. She has a carpal valgus deformity of her left front leg and paw, and is missing a bit of bone in one of her fingers (medial side of her left paw). The deformity hinders her everyday activity and specifically her endurance and agility. This poses a particular challenge for young Sadie as she is full of energy and intelligence and thus readily into mischief when she canít exercise and work for moderate periods.

Sadie foot defect jpg

It is unclear how much pain she was in; however, her leg and paw clearly and significantly affected her daily activities. When straight-line running, she avoided bearing any significant weight on it and when retrieving, she clearly positioned her body to avoid cutting maneuvers that require heavy use of it. In the morning, and also after any rest post-exercise, she limped terribly and stretched often. (This made it particularly tough for her to drag her favorite blanket out of her crate and around the house!!) Walking on hard surfaces, wooden floors or concrete sidewalks causeed significant discomfort for her.

This surgery was expensive, approximately $4500. The veterinarianís prognosis for the surgery is quite positive. Because of her young age, it is believed that she will respond well to treatment. The procedure involves surgery to place a halo (like a halo on one's head when your neck has been broken) on her paw, and over the course of 6 weeks, adjust the halo by tightening the screws every week or two resulting in the paw straightening by about 30 degrees. The veterinarian has recent experience with this on other canines with very good results. Adding to his optimism is the fact that the finger that provides the major support is intact and well-formed, so Dr. George believes that Sadie should have a very good prognosis (despite the missing bone) if the paw is straightened. Additional therapies may also include a brace, physical therapy, and/or medical boarding post-surgery.

Sadie's surgery was performed on friday January 6th. She will spend several days in the hospitcal before returning to her foster home.

Sadie at vet hospital after surgery jpeg

UPDATE Jan 22, 2017 - Sadie was released from the vet hospital on Jan 14th. She was very happy today to get out of the hospital and return to her foster home. She's doing great. Her next follow up appointment and adjustment is on Jan 23rd.

Sadie home after surgery jpeg

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