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DOGID: 16540
Name: Lola
Location: Folsom, CA
Age: 4.5
Color: Tan
Sex: female
Weight: 85
Neutered? yes
Vaccines: rabies, Flea pill
Heartworm Negative? Yes
Health Conditions:
Housetrained? yes
Dog surrendered to Rescue because: Bit someone
Other Reason:
Good With: other dogs, cats, kids
Dog Likes: water, car rides;
Working Ability: good
Working Comments: She's good on a leash, but does try to go after other dogs.
Behavioral Problems: other problems
Other Behavioral Problems: Very protective of me when we go out, will not not anyone near me. She is also food and toy protective around other dogs
Bitten? Yes
Bite Explanation: She bit the landscaper on the back of the leg. She broke through the back door to get to him, I was able to get her back in the house.
Commands known: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Bathroom
Tricks: go to bed, and can shake
Other Info: She sleeps with our cat and doesn't chase him. It takes he awhile to warm up to other dogs(at our house), but she does and then will play with them.She does not like the dog park. She has been around children with no problems
Contact: Tekoa Loy
Phone: 19162023669
Date Posted: 1/16/2017

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