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What is a Chessie Mix?

Unique : Not usual or common ; singular ; radically distinctive without equal. This is the true definition of of mixed breed dogs. They are one of a kind both in nature and in spirit. Every dog we have ever companioned leaves their "unique" stamp on our lives. They have shared our families with us and have been bonus attributes. It matters less the specific breed, rather, more the specific dog.

Our CBRRR selection of mixed breed dogs have similar traits of loyalty, intellegence, inexhaustable durability common to the Chessie but often are accompanied by other breeds' appealing traits (IE. Labradors). The combination results in an exceptional companion.

Wanted : Unique individuals (who are willing to forgo the t- shirts, coffee mugs, stationary etc imprinted with a likeness of their pup) AND rescue a "radically distinctive without equal" companion.

  Cali is a sweet girl. She needs a family to love. She has that female chessie attitude that says, LOOK AT ME! She loves to be with people. She hasn't been exposed to very much obedience work, but she should learn quickly since she is so eager for attention. She'd love to find someone who knows the chessie attitude and loves it all the same!
-- Adoption Pending



  Marcus is a happy fellow with a zest for life. He wants to be with his people more than anything.   He knows all his commands, and he would love to find a family to adore. His ideal home would be with someone who is home most of the time to keep him company. He would be a wonderful companion for an elderly person who desires a little protection as well a faithful friend.



  Cisco is a wonderful boy. He's got tons of energy and loves to play with people and other dogs. Do you like to go hiking? Do you love to spend time in and near the water? Would you let a friendly guy tag along for car rides once in a while? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then take a good look at Cisco. If you answered yes to ALL of them, then you just might be the family of his dreams.



  Syd is a sweet, lovable, playful guy. He's friendly with every one - kids of all ages, women, men, and other dogs. He has a lot of energy, but he has manners to go along with it. What a great combination! Imagine, energy to keep up with the kids all day long without the pitfalls of poor house manners. After keeping up with the kids all day, he'd love to spend time with dad when he comes home from the office. They can spend the evening relaxing and enjoying each other's company.
-- Adopted



  Henry is a darling 7 month old chessie mix that loves to show affection to his family. He craves room to run and kids to entertain him. He would also be perfectly happy to find a home with other dogs to romp around the yard with him. If you are looking for a sweet natured young dog to join your active family, take a good look at Henry. You won't be sorry you did. -- Adopted



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