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Kona is looking for a home of her own

(Current Location: Costa Mesa, California)

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Kona is the perfect canine companion! She is subdued and well-behaved in the house. Her yard manners are also great. She loves to lay in the grass and soak up the sunshine. When you’re doing things around the house or out in the yard, she’ll pad along beside you to keep you company, always carrying a toy with her.

Kona is so eager to please and such a smart girl. She sits for treats and her dinner, and she happily sleeps on her own bed in the master bedroom. While she follows the “no dogs on the furniture” rule when I’m home, there’s often a curious warm spot on the couch when I’ve been gone.

Kona is hesitant around other dogs. As a 3-month-old, another dog severely attacked her face, leaving her with facial nerve damage and a crooked nose. When another dog surprises her or quickly approaches, she will react by stiffening or barking. We’re still exploring how she’ll do with other dogs in a managed environment.

Kona is the perfect companion to keep you company. She smiles all of the time, will make you laugh and will fill your soul with love. Do you have a place in your heart for this big-hearted girl? (Kona is about 7-8 yrs)

For an application or for additional information contact us at southwestrd@cbrrescue.org

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