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Happy Tails


Thumper had been the constant companion of his previous owner and was with him when he died. The previous owner's son called the next day from out of State and wanted Thumper euthanized. Thumper was clearly grieving, and when he arrived at his foster home, he just laid his head in the lap of his foster "dad" and stood there. As an older dog (age 7), his foster mom had thought he might take a while to place...but his story resonated with many people and he quickly had multiple suitors. He was adopted by a wonderful young couple in Juneau who were extremely happy to take Thumper home with them. They already had one dog that was clearly "her" dog, so Thumper has been the perfect addition to their family.

~Sarah and Frank
   Juneau, AK


Bear is just about the sweetest and smartest dog and we are so happy he's in our lives! Initially, he thought he needed to protect us from the horses and mules. He’d bark and get all of his hackles up. I kept him on a tight lead and would pet/scratch a very kind horse that I know won't kick, so Bear would stop barking. But he’s completely confused at my foolishness to get so close to such a monster. Funny. He sits there not wanting to leave me, but poised to either protect me or flee himself. The horse just munches on her hay and has a disgusted look like, "I see you got a new dog...hmphhh!"

We had a campfire yesterday and Bear LOVED lying by it! He was a bit miffed when I put his stick on the fire, but seemed to know that it went for a good cause! All in all, we are smiling all the time with him, and marveling at what a lovely dog he is. We feel like WE are the rescued ones though, as he has instantly made our home a Good Dogger home again!

~Sue & Bob PaDelford
   Sandpoint, ID


When we adopted Shadow the ‘labra-chessie’, she immediately stole our hearts. She is the sweetest, most affectionate, well behaved girl and we love spoiling her rotten. We first thought her name came from her dark coloring, but now I’m sure it’s because she’s always at your side, just like your own shadow! She is determined to be a lap-dog (which is difficult at 85 lbs) and will nudge her way on the couch until she is practically in your lap. True to her breed, she LOVES to retrieve and swim and she always greets us with a wagging behind and a toy in her mouth. She tolerates her feline brother very well, but doesn’t understand why he won’t play with her. Thanks CBRR for all the great work you do and for bringing us together – she makes us smile everyday and I can’t imagine life without her. I used to think that rescue dogs were lucky for getting a second chance, but now I know we were the lucky ones!

~ Chris & Callen Henretty
   Atlanta, GA


Although I've only had Jack for a short time, it's hard to remember life without him. He brings me joy everyday. Despite his rough start in life, he has developed into a wonderful companion and loyal friend. He is a completely different dog than the timid boy I adopted. I plan on spending whatever time we have together giving him love and spoiling him rotten. Thanks to CBRR&R for bringing Jack into my life.

I cannot say enough positive things about the benefits of adopting a rescue or about the good people who spend so much of their time, money and energy into finding homes for these amazing dogs. I strongly encourage anyone looking for a dog to consider rescue. With patience and lots of love, a rescue dog can be a wonderful addition to your family.

~Renee Skonier
   Morrisville, NC


Every animal, especially a loving dog, needs to find its “forever home". On July 2nd I had the wonderful opportunity to adopt a loving pup by the name of Winston. At 11 months old he had already had 7 " homes". The first time I had seen him we immediately bonded and when it was time to leave him he whimpered like a small baby. A few days later I arrived at his foster home. He greeted me at the front door as if to say "I’m ready. Let’s go home." A few hours later we were on our way, him sitting on the front seat next to me happy as can be. After a few weeks his general appearance changed incredibly to a beautiful chestnut red color and his eyes sparkled. After 3 months he continues to thrive and has definitely found his “forever home" Wynn will never be on the streets again.... {:

~ Dee Goldberg & Wynn
    Longview, WA


I adopted Jessie (formely known as "JC") 3 months ago and have absolutely fallen in love. She's the sweetest, most affectionate dog I've ever met. The big move to the city in July 2005 was a bit of a culture shock for her - being an "outside dog" for six months, new experiences abounded - entering a house, seeing TV, air conditioning! Jessie quickly adapted to her surroundings though, and before I knew it, was quite content to spend the hot summer days in a cool house, doing what she loves most - cuddling with her humans!

She's the most dedicated and loyal dog, and I completely trust her to stay within view even when she's off-leash....unless of course there's a squirrel or chip monk that needs chasing - then she may go out of view for a minute or two, but I know I can rely on her to return within minutes. I can't count the number of strangers who have stopped me in the street to comment on what a good dog she is, or how beautiful she is (and she is that!). She waits at home for me all day and when I get home at the end of the day, she greets me at the door with big smiles and shakes her butt uncontrollably until I give her some attention - where else do you find this kind of unconditional love? She also loves my boyfriend and his 90 pound dog - "Sam". She's quite an addition to my life - can't imagine being without her!

~Gina Guillet
   Dunwoody, GA


Lucy is indescribably sweet! She loves her walks, morning and night, and LOVES to swim every Sunday.

Lucy's nose is amazing. She has cleaned up all the hidden tennis balls along her daily walk. We'll be moving right along and all of the sudden she'll stick her nose in a tuft of grass and come up with a tennis ball! She then proceeds to carry it the WHOLE way back home. I don't have the heart to make her leave it, although, it probably has a rightful canine owner! She keeps all her tennis balls (at least 20) on display in her yard. I got her a special glow in the dark ball so that she can fetch at night even...she lives for fetch!

She is doing wonderful! Rich and I love her so much.

~ Rich and Colleen Artell
    Coronado, CA


This handsome, big, 3 year old boy made himself right at home. He just wants to please. I take Rusty everywhere and he draws attention everywhere we go. Everyone wants to know “What breed is he?”, “How old is he?”, and “Can I pet him? He is MR. PERFECT on the leash!

My sincerest thanks go out to all of the great folks at CBRR&R. Thanks to you, I am a five-time winner! Rusty and I have a companionship that makes most dog owners jealous.

~Joe and Rusty Norkus   


What a wonderful addition our rescued chessie, Indy was to our family! He has fit in so well into our home. He adores our young son, and he and our other chessie, Jasmine, have bonded so well. He absolutely loves the beach and will retrieve until he drops.

He is such a sweet, affectionate dog and so smart, too. He just completed his first obedience class becoming a Canine Good Citizen. Because he was the class valedictorian, we look forward to working with him in continued obedience and agility classes.

Thank you for allowing us to bring Indy into our home. He truly is a cherished member of our family.

~ Allan and Leslie Castellanos
    Coronado, CA


Zoe has been the most wonderful addition to our family. She is so sweet and loving. Our 10-year old black lab, Ebony, loves having her as a playmate.

Zoe has the absolute sweetest personality and loves to give hugs and kisses to anybody and everybody! Now if we can just teach her two things life would be just about perfect. Number one, when the ball is thrown you are supposed to not only run after it, but you are supposed to bring it back to the thrower as well. And number two, you gotta stop jumping the 4-foot fence!

Thank you sooooo much for bringing Zoe into our lives!!

~Michele Lingwall   


Taz is happy as a clown.

His walks are every so important! He starts dancing and jumping when the leash comes out. I've even taught him a few tricks like sit pretty, lie down and give me paw. Taz also enjoys watching cartoons with me.

Taz is also a soccer dog. I kick the ball and he chases, grabs or nudges it with his paws or nose and brings it back to me.

He's the best dog on earth! Thanks!

~ Stephanie
    Riverside, CA


We were delighted to get him. After a little training, he adjusted right into our family. He loves toys more than anything and he also loves swimming, long walks and truck rides. Typical Chesapeake! 

However, his most favorite thing is getting love. Needless to say, he is a big part of our family and I highly recommend this rescue operation if you have the home and heart for it.  

~ Ellen & Malcolm Miller



Frazier is working out wonderfully!  

He is a great dog - surprisingly mellow for a Chessie!  

We are crazy about him - I don't think we could have found any other dog that was better for us!

~Phil Davis & Kay Eliason
  West Virginia





Although Buster started off on rocky grounds, he has come a long way. Sure, it has taken time and patience, but he is such a lover and we can't imagine life without him! He brings so much joy to our household and is smart as can be!!

Thank you to those who made is possible for Buster to find his way into our lives and hearts.

~Dan & Georgianne Walker
  South Bend, IN





Sasha celebrated her first Christmas with us, has traveled quite a bit and played with my mom's dogs. Although she is not an avid swimmer, we wouldn't give her up for the world. 

We look forward to many more memories with our baby!

~Katie Macpherson
   Ft. Lauderdale, FL 



Gus & Ruby

Six months after Ruby  was adopted, her new family decided to adopt a senior Chessie, Gus. 

Even though Gus is deaf and has severe arthritis, Lexi and Jeremy cannot imagine life without the two of them.

~Lexi Rella & Jeremy Neil
  Bennington, VT












Rippy is our family’s favorite playmate! He loves the water and we love to watch him swim and dive.  

He has given us many reasons to smile and hours of love. What a joy it is to see him wake up each day ready to play and keep us company. CBRs are awesome! And Rippy is the best!


~The Knutson Family
  Orlando, FL




Maddie is the spitting image of my husband’s favorite childhood dog. 

She has brought back so many happy memories for my husband, and it is great to see her creating new ones with our two boys.  She has been a tremendous blessing to this family. 

~Karen Hilo
      Tequesta, FL 












Lucy Star

She's adjusted so well to her new environment and is so wonderful with my friends. Everyone loves her. She is a delight and I thank you all for the wonderful work you do.

~ Faith Pearlman
   Los Angeles, CA


I love my rescued Chessie, Roy (aka "Roy Boy" or "Big Boy"). He had an exciting weekend to say the least. We had about five minutes to escape a RAGING brushfire that burned our 10 acres. We packed him up, with our other three dogs, and he spent two days in my friend's back yard. Our home was spared, but Roy's favorite bushes and horse trails are burned! He was great during the whole experience. He will miss chasing the lizards, toads, and bunnies, but they should be back by Spring. Thanks for Roy! I love that big guy!

~ Maria Murray
   Temecula, CA















Jesse & Harry

My husband Pat and I were adopted by a Chessie, who walked through our door and into our hearts. From that moment, until he succumbed to cancer, we were a “pack” that was happiest when we were together.  

Within the first few days, Jesse (called “Chessie” at the shelter he came from) let us know his preferences, from food choice to activities, to where he wanted to spend his nights and his days. He communicated by looks, body language (including an occasional grin when he was particularly pleased), and a wide variety of vocalizations (with the exception of whining, which he never did. Not once). 

Dog people know that some dogs are more special than others. Jesse was very special indeed, and although we lost our beloved guy, he showed so much love while we were together, we still have it in our hearts.  



Harry is great and fairly spoiled. He greets us with big grins when we return home to him. He spends the day on the living room sofa (the one Jesse was forbidden to get on).

He is very gentle and non-threatening with kids, even very little ones and ignores other dogs.

Harry sleeps at night on a big dog pillow on the floor, but at about 4 a.m. whimpers to be invited up. The first person up in the morning gets ignored, but when the second one makes moves to get out of bed he uses a wrestling hold to pin that person to the mattress. The full weight of an 85-lb dog tends to prolong the getting-up process, which is, of course, his intention.


~ Pat & Elizabeth Higgins
   Seattle, WA



Brombie didn't look very much like a Chessie when she arrived at her new home.  She had just undergone heartworm treatment and was, to put it bluntly, rather mangy!  But as you can see, she and her Chessie coat have filled out nicely.  Her personality is 100% CBR; she is both sweet and feisty.
My "Little Girl" invented a little trick.  She will somehow get her tennis ball onto her back while leaning against a piece of furniture.  Then she'll just stand there as if she's saying, "Look at me!".
She is a great addition to our home, and a wonderful trail companion. 

~Karen Coleman
    Carson City, NV



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