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DOGID: 16491
Name: Tuvok
Location: Duluth, MN
Age: <1
Color: Other
Sex: male
Weight: 70
Neutered? yes
Vaccines: rabies, DHLPP, kennel cough, Heartworm preventative, dewormed
Heartworm Negative? Yes
Health Conditions: 50% Chessie, 25% Boxer, 12.5 Rottie, 12.5% unknown
Housetrained? yes
Dog surrendered to Rescue because: Other
Other Reason: Needs to be the only dog in the household due to resource guarding
Good With: other dogs, strangers
Dog Likes: water, retrieving, car rides;
Working Ability: excellent
Working Comments: Has had obedience training. Trained into invisible fence system. Started on agility and skijoring training.
Behavioral Problems: chasing/nipping, other problems
Other Behavioral Problems: Resource guarding food and spaces
Bitten? No
Bite Explanation: Nips like a herding dog
Commands known: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Heel, Bathroom
Tricks: Heals on both sides. Puts his ball in a box when he retrieves it. Rings a hanging bell to go outside and a doorbell to come back in. Shake, high 5. Knows leave it.
Other Info: Born around March 1, 2016. We could tell he had a bit of Chessie in him when we adopted him. He's all black now, but at 10 weeks, he had some cinnamon colored curly hair on his head, neck, and shoulders. We did genetic testing and found that he's 50% Chessie, 25% Boxer, 12.5 % Rottie, 12.5% unknown. He's 70 lbs. and healthy. Up to date on all shots, neutered, and microchipped. We're having trouble with him because of resource guarding. We're working with a trainer and the food guarding has improved. We can approach his bowl and add high value food while he's eating and we get a happy tail wag. Recently, he has started to guard our living room. He sometimes nips at our feet if we enter "his" space. If it was just the two adults in the household, this would be very easily managed but we have another dog and two cats, not to mention frequent visitors including kids. We had friends over for New Year's Eve and he nipped at one of them. Our friend, a dog person, was scared of him. He has had a gentle upbringing. We employ methods to reduce his stress when he exhibits guarding behavior, since this is fear based. He's very good at communicating stress. He stiffens and gives us the stink eye. He has a soft mouth and has never bitten an animal or human. The nipping action he does is like the herding nip seen in herding dogs. On the positive side, he is extremely smart and easily trained. He's been through two 8-week obedience classes at the Arrowhead dog training academy in Duluth. He's very solid with sit and down stays, goes to a mat to a down stay when directed. Comes and sits when called, although not as consistently as we would like yet. He knows how to heal on both sides because we were working toward agility in the spring. He can flip to a heal from a front sit or do an "around" into the heal position. He knows stand stay but not quite as solid as sit and down. He can shake and high 5. He rings a hanging bell to go outside and rings a doorbell to come in. He fetches and puts his ball or kong in a box before we throw it for him. He is excellent at leave it (we use this command when we put toys away or when he looks like he wants to charge a cat or a chicken outside). He's trained in to our 10 acre invisible fence system. I've started training him with a skijoring harness. He knows how to keep a constant tension with praise but I haven't skied behind him yet. He's crate trained and sleeps happily at night in the pen in our bedroom. He gets a little anxious if left in a crate when we're not home. He prefers to stay in our outdoor dog yard with his sister if we're not here. He loves to play with other dogs but is cautious when first meeting them. He is very affectionate and loves meeting new people. He does like to jump on people due to his boxer nature so we keep him leashed in a sit stay for the first greeting. I think he would be a wonderful only dog in the right home. No small kids or cats
Contact: Barb Crow
Phone: 218-525-0489
Date Posted: 1/2/2017

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